Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit

Mark Dion’s work incorporates aspects of archaeology, ecology, detection and systems of classification. Originally commissioned for the Folkestone Triennale , Dion’s staffed mobile unit in the shape of a seagull provides information about these unloved birds in the hope of promoting a better understanding and appreciation. “Gulls are the most conspicuous non-human denizens of Folkestone”, Mark Dion declared after his first site visit. ‘The Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit‘ functions as a clearing-house for information about the evolution, ethnology, natural history, environmental status and folklore of these remarkable animals’. Folkestone is lucky to be host to a rather rare type of seagull – the Mediterranean Gull – which is found in larger numbers here than anywhere else in the UK. A Field Guide to the various local gull species, produced in collaboration with local gull enthusiasts is distributed from the Unit. The Unit primarily nests in the Folkestone Harbour, but often relocates to other urban environments for public events and festivals. Recent migrations include the ‘Seaside with Southend-on-Sea’ at the 1951 Festival, Southbank and  ‘ART MOVES’ Mobile Architecture Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In 2015, it will fly across the channel to visit artconnexion in Lille, France for a well-earned summer holiday.

For more information on when you can next see the Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit, please contact Ioannis Ioannou or call 01303 760 744.

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